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Taxidermy Casses for 2012

Rock and Base Building

     : Rock Scuplting
     : Making Rock Molds                                                       SOLD OUT
     : Applying Color and Texture
     :Incorporating Habitat into Bases

2 Students Per Class
2 Days

February 4th-5th
March 17th-18th

Mounting Small Game

      : Transferring Measurements From the Body to the Form  
      : Tanning Skins of Small Game with Perfect Results.
      : Making Earliners and Artificial Noses.

2 Students Per Class                                                           SOLD OUT
2 Days

April 14th-15th
May 26th-27th

 Mounting Lifesize African Game

     : Form Alteration
     : Skin Preparation and Repair
     : Painting and Applying Powder Make-ups.
     : Shop Detail and Tools

2 Students Per Class                                                            SOLD OUT
2 Days

June 2nd-3rd
July 7th-8th